MetaArray IV is coming to the Tukwila datacenter with a dual 48TB (mirrored) raid - but what host OS would you prefer for SDF?

SDF の smj さん歓迎会

開始時間は 18:30 または 19:00 を予定しています。たぶん19:00 開始になるんじゃないかなと思われますが、18:30 可能とか、19:00 でも遅れそうという方はコメント欄に記載お願いします。


Combing thru SDF's FAQ section, I stumbled across the most elegant & succinct definition for hacking I've yet seen: "HACKING is an educational process of working through a problem with limited knowledge to arrive at a solution which improves the individual's understanding of the problem." Pure poetry.

tusen tack! 🇸🇪 🔥 @martinkann @christiangabel @bobhund @gordonraphael @nardwuar

The current MetaArray, primary cluster fileserver and the minecraft server

Please check out the playlist for the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - LIVE - on !

If you would like to listen to the audio recording please click the link below:

The menu earlier was a mix of and all kinds of other waves 🌊 😝

The Intergalactic Wasabi will be back tomorrow at 01:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT! ✌️

Thank you to all who tuned in and who chatted with us on 'com'! 🌈🎶✨

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