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SMJ :comet: boosted's IP has changed from to DNS will update shortly. Always use to connect to SDF. .15 is still live, but if you have no route to it, then it is up to you to call your ISP and request access to it. We're moving on from this.

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Having trouble connecting to SDF.ORG? Call your ISP and tell them you support NET neutrality and will close your account if they do not unblock access to

skål! bob hunds näbbstövel med ubåt arrived in time for seattle midsummer @martinkann @bobhund @krimz_kramz

15 år bakåt och 15 år framåt on @bobhund @martinkann @krimz_kramz

kan kalla mig för idiot det har jag ingenting emot, jag är en idiot. men än så kan ingen bli... @martinkann @krimz_kramz @bobhund @saab_nuts @saabnation @saabclassics 🇸🇪

trains including Shinkansen are stopped for line checking. Shindo level was 6, but it seems no damage. This train is headed to Tokyo

M5.9 earthquake in Osaka and Kyoto i

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Happy birthday @SDF 🎊🖥👀💕

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Welcome to Mastodon 2.4.2rc1 (and happy birthday SDF)

pnw is getting warm .. ac is out of storage for the first time this year.

tracking for a next day USPS letter to pay off a SOFI loan. Seattle to New York to Los Angeles and finally to its destination in Dallas. is this a conspiracy?

archiving punched card decks has some surprises ....

gräddglass? 💥nej tack💥

prophet-10 synthesizer 👺🀄️🙈🤦🏻‍♀️