Coming up on in 10 minutes is the debut of
THE SERVER ROOM! A call in 30 minute talk show to discuss activities
of servers and datacenters. Please listen and call (910)665-9191 to
join the conversation.

music from the Internet's basement

music for the unusual

different music for different people

music for the "Elites"

we are

Tune in! Livestreaming now is MYOCYTE with DJ @peef (ffog)

just granted my Japanese license JJ1UYC - I will be operating C4FM, APRS and simplex on hikes around Kanagawa and Kyoto prefectures over the next year.

thank you for tuning in!!! I had a great time! 🤡✨

it's now time for openvoip!!!

and @smj is calling from a phone booth!!! @Shufei is also on the conference bridge!

to join the conversation, call 929-299-1269 or ext 1088 on SDF VoIP!

to listen:

SDF in 1998 with and an sdsl link to the internet. hosts were named sdf-1 and sdf-2 while we moved from svr4 to a brief run of before moving to @netbsd ‬

CQ CQ CQ coming up at 0000 UTC is the SDF club weekly NET. Are you a ? why not join us on TECHLINK node 9229 and check in to our NET or just listen at

Got this just from attending a bugnyc (Berkeley system distribution User Group) last night and being a member of the SDF (Super Dimensional Fortress) Public Unix System.

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