coming up in 6 minutes on is the SDF weekly - Looking for to join TECHLINK 9229 or you can listen to the on aNONradio

coming up in 3 minutes its SDF weekly on echolink techlink conference node 9229 or listen on

"SHUT UP YOU FREAK!" with DJ Julius -- livestreaming now on aNONradio! Tune in!

this I computer was found on a shelf in Steve Jobs office when he was fired in 1985. The monitor on top shows Steve Wozniak’s

streaming on is Christopher D. Carson with HEAR NOW THE WORDS! He is reading for your live mostly stories 75 or 100 years old

Welcome to v2.7.1 hosting 2,881 good people who have authored 162,753 - we're a tiny in the and to for

Welcome to The Cloud from 13.x to 15.0.2 where you can store terabytes of data here on SDF MetaArray. Check out the apps and community of supporters here to

Coming up in less than 10 minutes its our with those of the SDF Amateur Radio

R U A HAM? then join us on TECHLINK echolink node 9229 or you can just listen to us on

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