Hi! My name is Søren. I’m an IT Consultant based in Copenhagen. I work with AWS Cloud technologies and DevOps.

My first hobby was electronics, but then in 1982 I got my first computer - a Commodore 64 - and since then I've been playing with computers for fun almost every day. This also includes messing with hardware projects using e.g. Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards.

He/Him. Married w/o children. Vegetarian. Does all the cooking and likes a good craft beer on special occasions.

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@slu Have a similar background: taking computers apart before using them in the commercial world. Have to get around to actually using my Raspberry Pi for a project ... !

@slu Hi!
Do you know a good way to block AWS and anything Amazon® related?

Is there a list of IPs and domains?

I really don't want to connect to computers harming the whole internet! =D

Thanks in advance and welcome to Fedi!

@olamundo Hi!

I don't think there's a (official) list of Amazon IPs. But there is for AWS: - it's more than 100M.

I don't know a good way of blocking that amount of IPs.

Also, there are AWS-based solution running behind non-AWS CDNs. That wouldn't be blocked using the above list.

In other words, I don't think there's a good way of doing this.

@slu Thanks!

I figured it wouldn't be a simple task, but that is a great help.

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