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Any Magic the Gathering players on here?

I had like 3 nerdgasmz watching the sneak previews at the end of episode 1 of Picard. Holy shit that was awesome. I was not expecting this amount of awesome.

Our capitalist system is all about getting ahead and greed. Obviously, there is going to be fringe humans who will take advantage of the gifts being a politician provides them in that regard. Therefore, tainting the role of the representative. That is the problem.

I think too much focus is being put on blaming russia. The political system needs to be cleaned up. Getting money out of politics would be a significant start.

I don't think russian interference via (facebook?) ads is the reason trump got in. The answer is, spend less on military, more on education.

What layers do y'all use on top of asterisk if any?
I initially tried trixbox, but ended up using elastix.

I understand placing me in contempt if you don't like how many commas i just used. One day I will apply my lessons in programming syntax to the human language, but the ignorance has been passively embedded too deep it seems.

my boss: I know i just requested a crap ton of new design features for the project you're working on that require changing half the codebase, and we'll need that done asap. But i'll also need to be taking you off that project at random times over the next while to work on this other project because i'm hoping to get other people using it by next week. LOL. *twitch*

so....i slacked off updating my arch linux box, and now it's in dependency hell when i try and do a system update. awesome. I'm too lazy to care. Moving to arch from slackware was suppose to save me from doing full version updates.

To be jedi is to drink beer. one might say one day.

does anyone use cmus to stream anonradio? if so, do you know a way to get the song label of what's playing to switch as songs on the stream switch?

meanwhile, our windows server started crashing on a busy day (retail store). Turned out that the heatsink on our raid controller had fallen off (wtf) and the screws for it had literally broken. Fixed that temporarily with zap straps+ new thermal paste. Holy shit today was a gong show.

when your boss buys a *new* Polycom Ip650 that's supposed to be an IP560 and is running sip 2.x lolz. You can't even update to the latest in firmware without going thru each minor version upgrade. (having to setup a custom provisioning server to do so). Go up to 3.0.4 after like 10 updates and then failed updating to 3.1 ;(

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