@cosullivan personally, if you have the option to just use your husbands windows box, i'd take it haha.

so i use the android music app on my phone and sometimes i stream music from the radio stations. Often, they have ads you have to listen to before listening to the station. To get around that.
open the station, then when the ad starts, minimize all apps (my phone locks when i do this), The lock screen still shows your music player though, and you can just press play and it will bypass the ads.
stumbled across this the other day.

@yrabbit fascinating. After reading the overview, I'm gonna take a pass on that rabit hole haha. Interesting to see code chunks and different syntax implementations though.

@Ricardus something as simple as getting money out of politics will likely solve all the issues with shitty government.

It's a sad scenerio but i am convinced that chomsky is right on this one. as usual (personal opinion)

@mood That would be correct. I downloaded the whole series at the time. It was good, so i bought the DVDS to support it. I haven't made it thru the miniseries. Once you know the secrets, the story falls apart i found. Obviously, you could say the same thing about any story after you've seen it, but this one was hardly watchable after. For me, anyways.

@mood Good series, until you've seen it. It's rewatchability goes out the window after that i found.

@aev @salixlucida fear management via ignorance. It's the way of things in the usa.

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The software industry has engendered a culture of distracted programmers using bad tools to solve problems they don’t have time to fully understand. In this essay, I try to explore why. medium.com/@smarimc/when-progr

@Ricardus @TheGibson oh, come on man. haha. He's saving humanity on so many fronts. Likely more than any other human in the history of mankind. he's not a god.

@Ricardus @TheGibson ??
sounds like he's working on converting one of his factories to produce ventilators. why the hate?

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