@art super quick to find your songs too and looks beautiful.

@salixlucida I hope all those assholes get put in jail one day.

@Ricardus if you haven't seen it, check out "halt and catch fire".

@draeath That's bad. And, who needs reports when your computer will likely already be letting you know?

@marcowahl if hot, go outside for at least a minute this week

@cs So basically everything is broken. That is a command that would likely be used in a million places and to tweak the queries to the workaround (which is, if anything, misleading and obscure), would be ridiculous. We use access but our network is offline, so luckily won't have this issue. Damn that must suck.

@W10x12_UNO I've been doing it the past few years. It's just another language. It's really easy.

@salixlucida I really don't want to know what happened when the video stopped recording.

@yrabbit maybe just a temporary update until they can fully support a new function naming convention?

What layers do y'all use on top of asterisk if any?
I initially tried trixbox, but ended up using elastix.

I understand placing me in contempt if you don't like how many commas i just used. One day I will apply my lessons in programming syntax to the human language, but the ignorance has been passively embedded too deep it seems.

@starbreaker I can appreciate the puzzle to be solved in essentially hacking the human brain, but in this case, it's being used for absolute evil. So, i'm saying perhaps sometimes the contempt is earned, however, most of the time definitely not, especially in regular people's lives.

@starbreaker Some people should be, such as the helps who willingly and knowingly assisted Cambridge Analytica. Wouldn't you say?

@starbreaker i'm not far off, i make much less but the sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for other reasons. Our profession is simply not respected enough.

@Snowcrash i don't have access to it, but that is epic to hear. However, I'm not overly surprised because the trailer looked awesome.

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