whoa, yesterday i booted into my windows 7 drive for the first time since last year (i use it to do taxes). It was so slow to load, that it gave the impression something was broken. But in fact, it was really just that slow. Thank you arch for booting almost instantly.

@slacka ` The lightning flashed again. Norris stared at the Bazun rod ... and let out a scream of agony and disbelief. He jerked, almost tumbling off the stool and hanging himself by accident. The sleek Bazun, so limber and strong, was no longer there. It had been replaced by a dirty, splintery bamboo pole, really no more than a stick with a kid's Zebco reel attached to it by one rusty screw.

@slacka "Someone stole it!" Norris cried. All of his bitter jealousy returned in a flash, and he felt that he must rush out into the streets and find the thief He must kill them all, everyone in town, if that was necessary, to get the evil man or woman responsible. "SOMEONE STOLE MY BAZUN!" he wailed again, swaying on the stool.
No, the angry voice replied. This is how it always was. All that's been stolen is your blinders-the ones you put on yourself, of your own free will.

@slacka I'm joking, of course. Do not take this quote from Stephen King seriously😜

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