so....i slacked off updating my arch linux box, and now it's in dependency hell when i try and do a system update. awesome. I'm too lazy to care. Moving to arch from slackware was suppose to save me from doing full version updates.

@slacka I didn't know it. I was impressed that I read somewhere: ``Arch: there is no need to update the distribution, just install the updates and your operating system and software will be updated.''🤔

@yrabbit yeah. Their package manager has a system update option, but it throws errors if it tries to update things that other things depend on. Hence, dependency hell.

@slacka And what is the plan? Delete everything and install Ubuntu? 🤣

@yrabbit fuck no, maybe reinstall and try and stay on top of system updates whenever installing something. or daily. Or back to slackware.


@yrabbit I'm super on the fence right now about how committed i want to get into computers again. trying to build motivation.

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@slacka Temporarily change occupation? Work two months as a night bartender?🙂

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