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i joined a dnd campaign and started playing magic the gathering again. man oh man, i just keep getting cooler by the day haha

I hate moving. Especially into a place 1/4 the size. Have to get rid of so much stuff i want to keep. eugh.

chips, hummous, salsa, jessica jones. This is my weekend hahah. I'm a sucker for all the marvel crap being released.

can you make calls internally?

is your phone registered with your server? is it ringing?

I feel dirty for sharing a google play radio station but I found this randomly and listen to it often without getting sick of it. Good for computing away. It's called "Bitcoin Radio", but it's music and as far as i can tell, has nothing to do with bitcoin.

forgot about this small project; about 15 years too late. haha

being asked to import a bunch of unorganized data has got to be the least satisfying job of all time. Especially when the expectation is that it won't take long. Sure, if all you had to do is make an import script, but not if the data is inconsistent as F#$k and needs a variety of scripts to help sort it first + manual intervention. I need an assistant making minimum wage to help with the boring part.

I had three #@$ing UPS's die on me today. wth.

Here's my voip phone. I should really ask work for one with a touch screen. haha. I'm only posting becasue everyone else is posting pics of their phones. true story.

why can't life just be easy for fuck sakes.

i knew eating that whole container of cashews today was a bad idea. Darn things are so addictive.

so not fresh install. I'd wipe them all clean and start with a fresh install of windows.

@gemlog which I find really annoying.

stonith, i'll check it out.

kinda overkill for my workplace. Though, we have been pondering fiber to connect across a parking lot for the sake of off site backup haha.
also, perhaps overkill.

hence distributed. *i googled it*

gtk, never heard of it before.

@Ricardus checked out altered carbon yet?