so i use the android music app on my phone and sometimes i stream music from the radio stations. Often, they have ads you have to listen to before listening to the station. To get around that.
open the station, then when the ad starts, minimize all apps (my phone locks when i do this), The lock screen still shows your music player though, and you can just press play and it will bypass the ads.
stumbled across this the other day.

It's a sad scenerio but i am convinced that chomsky is right on this one. as usual (personal opinion)

The "Altered Carbon" anime on netflix was so good.

And to think this is only like the first few episodes of "the walking dead".

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Thank goodness this virus doesn't mean we HAVE to interact with people. whew. *wipes forehead*. Dodged a bullet on that one.

I just want to hear Joe Biden try and say this three times fast. How rewarding it would be.

"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers".

just reviewing old vids. Analyzing as per usual. Invader Zim style.

i didn't catch that. I thought for sure it was the right actor for Icheb

whoa, yesterday i booted into my windows 7 drive for the first time since last year (i use it to do taxes). It was so slow to load, that it gave the impression something was broken. But in fact, it was really just that slow. Thank you arch for booting almost instantly.

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