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Stephen Michael Kellat

its 4/20 you know what that means its the day when you shoot yourself in the head before the allies can get you
Net's doing a historic reenactment of realplayer, buffering like mad on videos that have been knocked down to 144p because it's that shit but has nothing lower to knock it down to.

David Hogg’s book title angers Holocaust survivors and relatives

Bah. I have been updated by @popey and @JoeRessington. The Chromecast has to be on a wifi network, or it just sulks and won't let you cast to it. That's really annoying to have to set up at a meetup. So it doesn't do what I want after all. :( Looks like @craigmaloney was right and Google have indeed done something to break it.

@popey @sil I've been around Google long enough to know that once you manage to get all four legs stable on the chair that someone or something will come along to kick out one of the legs just to watch you dance.

so here's the record so far. Cloudflare has taken down:

daily stormer - because the CEO woke up cranky - because CF wanted to protest being made liable under SESTA/FOSTA - for "interfering with their abuse reporting mechanisms"

First come the Underreporter reviews which may bring up the Substantial Understatement Penalty (20-40% of what you failed to report gets levied as a further penalty against you) by itself if there are documents to match...or a full correspondence exam starts...or a field exam starts...or CI investigates. This will be fun! The "reasonable collection potential" is going to be huge!

@sil This can only mean one thing:

Chromecast is not long for this world. 😁

@craigmaloney it's an official thing in the official Slides app! I was pretty impressed; the thing I've wanted for ages, and Google have basically taken the idea and made it happen. Well pleased :)

@sil You do realize that once you do this in practice Google will do something to make this not work. :)

Google Slides now allows presenting to a Chromecast, and saves presentations offline, and shows on the phone screen a presenter console with speaker notesm and a Chromecast can happily be powered by the slim external battery that I always have in my pocket anyway. Excellent. This is what I wanted to build Splinter for, and now I don't have to. Never need to take a laptop to a talk again, hooray.

Crisis in Madagascar as price of vanilla nears that of gold

Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign and Wikileaks for allegedly disrupting 2016 election