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Stephen Michael Kellat

Crisis in Madagascar as price of vanilla nears that of gold

Thankfully I am in Ashtabula County which wasn’t hit...

This is why we are not allowed Windows 10 at work. We could be in a program far more mission-critical than iTunes & then have the system seize up for updates. That may be why production servers are either Sperry Univacs or commodity Ubuntu boxes.

So totally not a win for sexual liberation in our contemporary postmodern world. That gentleman's brain may resemble Swiss Cheese structurally in no time at all.

Well, another device didn't survive hazardous duties with me...

What is it with the incidence of female bodybuilding and residence in the Russian Federation? That’s a correlation I have yet to see a decent anthropology/sociology text on.

Either quitter dot se is taking a crap with big timeouts or my outbound broadband is dying. There is a possibility it could be both. The question now is if I have to take a certain jump soon. 🔧🔩🔭📡💸

As seen in The Other Place. Yes, I do believe war is coming but not what the CEO thinks is coming. The last major land war in North America ended in 1865, if I recall.

I didn't stop to measure the snow. I'm on my 63 mile trek east to work for the moment.

It is too bad few to no people follow $EMPLOYER'S account in that other place. I doubt anybody watches the videos we pay a bunch of GS-11 to GS-14 people to make and post here:

From the eBook I’m reading instead of sleeping...

As seen in the other place from Oleg...

The question is could I wake up next to someone like that random CrossFit person pictured & be happy with my choice. I want to escape my taxation cocoon. Lifestyle changes are needed among other matters, I suppose.