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Hey @fdroidorg, before I open a new RFP issue, would it be possible for someone to quickly look at the repository and tell me what would be needed for a proper inclusion in ? I'm not an android dev and the repository structure is "unusual" for a modern app dev perspective... (Readme tells how to build for Android)

I can make a fork (or maybe branch) and include a proper fastlane structure there. @IzzyOnDroid

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Live coding: A user's manual out in November! Straight to paperback as well as free (cc-by-sa) PDF / ebook

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Let's see if this works as well as on birdsite :
・ 。
  ・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚。
。。 ・
。 ・゚

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How often are you in the #Fediverse?
Please boost or share!

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Plan9 demo on MNT Reform tomorrow at SRCS. Talk in 10 minutes on Vintage Comp-U-Talk at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PT

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What these? Oh all these objects just fell this way. Oh no… no it just LOOKS like a crass attempt to make a statement about personal identity with an array of objects. It’s genuinely just random.

#9 #9front #propoganda

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POLL: Which BSD do you use on your desktop?

Longer description:
If you're using a #BSD on your #desktop, #laptop, or #mobile/#embedded (not server-only), which BSD?
Please comment if you're using multiple, or if you're using a different BSD or derivative not listed in the poll.

Kindly #Boost for more exposure, as I don't anticipate encountering a lot of users of BSD on the desktop.

#FreeBSD, #OpenBSD, #NetBSD, #DragonflyBSD, #GhostBSD

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@sirjofri as far as providing files, a document provider should be sufficient so long as your device is new enough to support it.

on my phone document providers show up in the system file manager and it's easy enough to grant other apps access to them.

if you want to support many network shares you will need at least some app ui for managing them.

i hope this is a 9p client :)

If I just want to access files (read/write) on a remote cloud storage on as natively as possible, do I only need to create a DocumentsProvider (SAF) or do I need a specific client app? Can I just use any other client app?

For example, say, I want to open a file in Snapseed and the file is on my server

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@klardotsh @neauoire the people who made go are the people who made plan 9; go supports plan 9. we had a python port but we deleted it when we moved off Mercurial. rc is a *fantastic* scripting language. there are various forths, a lisp, and uxn.

but C is all you need.

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Kudos to SL for immortalizing it in the last FUCK COMPUTERS zine. I'm gonna stick it to the bathroom wall-of-fame.

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The plan9front hack-a-thon held in Malaga Spain has ended with a recreation of the Bell Labs hot tubs shot. The hack-a-thon was quite successful and will be held again. soon.

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#C64 #rétrogaming #raycasting #trsi #demoscene

TRSI (no less) did the most insane thing ever done in computer history.

Releasing a good looking, well playable #Wolfenstein 3D clone on the VANILLA C64 homecomputer from 1982.
This makes games people thought to be amazing like Quake, Half Life 2, the Metro games and what not just look silly from a technical point of view.

Computer #programming probably cannot get more optimized, more insane, more better than this. Ever again.
Because the control panels of your washing machine or your kitchen stove are pretty sure about magnitudes faster and more capable for this than a bloody 8bit C64 with its 0.98 MHz [PAL] clock..

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I've been playing Conway's Phutball a lot these past few days, I transcribed the rules on my wiki if anyone is looking for a fun 2-players boardgame.

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Math folks:
You need a minimum of two points to define a line and three to define a plane. Is the pattern simply N points to define a space of N-1 dimensions? Why?

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