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#Amazon kauft #iRobot - und damit den Saugroboter #roomba

Da manche Roomba-Modelle mit zahlreichen #Sensoren die #Wohnung ihrer Besitzer vermessen, landen diese Informationen bei Amazon

Ob Amazon plant, dieses Wissen der iRobots zu monetarisieren?

Dürfte schwer fallen jemanden zu finden, der dagegen wettet … 😉😜

Wer Sensoren ins Haus lässt, verliert.

@amolith aah, now it makes sense...

Then, have a nice morning/IGT

computer graphics 

@binarycat it maybe even is directly related to text.

If you flow text on a screen (or paper) with your normal reading direction, you get an image in rows, from left to right, top to bottom. I guess reading in images exactly the same makes total sense, you might even be able to use the same code as for font rendering. Just your glyphs are fixed width, your line height is the same (usually), and your paper width is image width.

computer graphics 

@binarycat I'd say it's more about the western reading direction (and that's also the reason for the CRT scanlines), but I have no true non-western computer system to confirm

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Mal ausnahmsweise keine Techniker:innen oder Jurist:innen gesucht beim @bfdi. Unser Team auf der hellen Seite der Macht wünscht sich stattdessen eine stv. Pressesprecherin bzw. einen stv. Pressesprecher. Also, wenn Ihr selbst … oder jemand kennt … Kommunikation für die Guten, das ist doch etwas

@amolith can I also get a hetzner virtual machine without a storage device for network booting?

@amolith I have no issues with netcup so far, running three servers there. My main server runs web server and mail... But I have an old and small system

@Longplay_Games @Nezchan @ShibaBotJason I can comment that it's also a matter of history. In the early days people _had_ to use the command line because hardware was restricted (teletypes, terminals, big server in the university, later bad graphics). Linux builds on top of this heritage until today, so it's kinda still a terminal-first system.

9 on the other hand was developed with graphics in mind. But well, it's from the 90s...

@SDF I found a potential "bug" (?) on the plan 9 bootcamp site. It states that drawterm is required, but wouldn't a Plan 9 system with rcpu be good enough? 🤔😅

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Gibt es jemand im Raum Hannover / Braunschweig, der mit ein SCSI2SD in einer Macintosh Colour Classic einbaut? Ich bin da etwas "ängstlich", da Röhre.

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Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary #linux

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Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter @UlrichKelber u seine EU Kolleg:innen warnen: #Chatkontrolle schützt Kinder nicht, aber ist Einstieg in anlasslose, flächendeckende #Massenüberwachung! ⬇️
RT @HonkHase: EU-Datenschutzbehörden nehmen Chatkontrolle komplett auseinander

"Die EU-Datenschutzbehörden kritisieren den Kommissionsvorschlag zur Bekämpfung sexualisierter Gewalt gegen Kinder umfassend. Sie zweifeln an der #Verhältnismäßigkeit der #Chatkontrolle..."

@alexshendi1 yeah, native german speaker, with weird timezone decisions, a lack of paper for all that government stuff, a lack of english words and bad internet from the 2010s 😆

@nytpu @binarycat I personally am very far from package managers in 9 world. All we do woth packages is manual. It's rarely tedious because we only do static linking and have few external programs.

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