@neauoire is that cress? Then you can let them grow and harvest seeds for the next generation, and eat the whole plant including the decorative blossoms. But they aren't that spicy when grown out

@pajaro vi is the de facto standard editor. Ed is the standard editor. 😁

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@neauoire I guess you could make groups, like: 1 2 [ 3 4 5 ] + is 12, or some kind of stop parameter like: 1 2 . 3 4 5 + is 12, so 1 2 . 3 4 5 + + + would be 15.

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@jakechvatal If your only fear with C is that it will take you longer to make things, try to find ways to accept that things take a while and be less in a hurry. You can't have smol computing and be in a hurry, they're incompatible.

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Time required to import a git patchset discussion on lists.sr.ht for demonstration purposes: 3 minutes

Time required to do the same thing on GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Pagure, and Codeberg: it's been 30 minutes so far and I haven't finished any of them yet

Patches via email are a standard format! Standards zijn goed!

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9front emailschaden is released and the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp 2020 has moved from 9xenpcf-pae to 9front. Par0dy is over, thanks for playing. WelCOM 9Front Parity.


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Someone "ported" the Windows Calculator to linux but cautions us it doesn't support things like keyboard input or GPU acceleration.

In a world with GPU-accelerated four-function calculator programs, nobody gets to make fun of my shitty old HP 28s.


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Download 9front.org/iso/

Manual fqa.9front.org/dash1.emailscha

In this release:
- New date/time formatting/parsing API in libc
- Kernel updates for Raspberry PI4 8GB model
- Intel wireless driver now supports 8000 and 9000 family cards
- New Thinkpads now fully supported: T480, T495
- Big kernel PCI code overhaul
AND MORE: 9front.org/releases/

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if your software has:
- 30k files
- takes 2 hours to compile
- uses more than 8GB of memory when compiling
- does 30 things

that's not software, it's cancer
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I've given a honest shot a trying to understand the Xanadu documentation but I don't understand any of it.

Can someone explain to me like I'm a child, how two-way links are supposed to work, be stored?


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"What we have instead is the vacuous victory of typesetters over authors, and the most trivial form of hypertext that could have been imagined."


@neauoire yes the language I see in your other toots. It seems so simple, I would also just parse it directly.

@neauoire you can define a direct translation from strings to binary. Without complex parsing, like, read token until newline, strcmp with database, output binary code that can be interpreted by your tool. This way you have a intermediate binary machine language and a more high-level assembly language without labels and variable names

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@neauoire I guess my own definition of a purely plain text file is, like, a .txt file that's just meant for humans. Which is really restrictive, so maybe not that useful. But XML is also stored as "plain text", and so are a lot of other crazy things... is C code plain text? It's stored as text, but you have to treat it in a special way to do stuff with it. I looked up the definition on Wikipedia and other places, and there's a lot of disagreement apparently :P

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