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This afternoon, I found a tiny virtual computer project "uxn" by @neauoire . I was curious if it's tiny enough to port to the NDS in an evening. The answer is a resounding "yes"!

About uxn:

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"exa is a modern replacement for ls written in rust"
"procs is a modern replacement for ps written in rust"
can we please stop writing incompatible versions of core utils in rust and selling them as if they're better? thx

The new friendly version of FingerList is now on .
client suitable for (micro)blogging and social media.

@m15o yay, f-droid version is updated! You can see the screenshots directly there now

@m15o it's called fingerlist and it's on f-droid. The github also has screenshots of the new version.

I made a finger server for plan 9 which is able to present arbitrary files in a user directory by calling the path with plus signs: user+path+to+file@server. User@ without path will print a standard file. The C source is at

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The students for Summer of Code 2021 have been announced. Plan 9 was awarded 3 slots, and we’ll be working with the following great students:

• Ethan Long will be working on nIME, an input method for Japanese text
• Cameron Connell will be working on modernizing the underlying data struct of edwood
• Dimitrios Iatrakis will be working on adding support for OAuth2 to factotum

These are some really solid proposals; I’m looking forward to a great summer.
#plan9 #gsoc

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Now that I've put all this time and effort into working out a writing workflow on 9front, I'm up against that old familiar foe: I've run out of excuses not to write

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Just released A low-tech journaling service for the small net.

@m15o why not add finger support? It could just be the same as gemini over tcp79 🙂

(I made android client just for this purpose)

@mwlucas I checked the other sellers (hugendubel, weltbild), they all sell the book with adobe DRM.

@mwlucas (source: wikipedia)

Die deutschen Buchhändler Club Bertelsmann, Hugendubel, Thalia und Weltbild gründeten gemeinsam mit der Deutschen Telekom die Tolino-Allianz.

The German booksellers Club Bertelsmann, Hugendubel, Thalia and Weltbild founded the Tolino Alliance together with Deutsche Telekom.

@mwlucas @loke the tolino alliance was founded by Club Bertelsmann, Hugendubel, Thalia and Weltbild together with the Deutsche Telekom, so I assume, yes

@mwlucas @loke I don't know if it's really drm, but you need an adobe ID to read it and they call it copy protection.

The info text states: You need an Adobe ID to read this eBook on devices of the tolino family as well as on other eReaders and on the PC. Further information on reading copy-protected eBooks can be found under Help / Downloads. (Google translated)

@loke @mwlucas I bought the digital version via google play (it's drm free there). Watch out for drm, because otherwise your books might eventually "not work anymore".

The german shop thalia sells it with drm, for example. Absolutely no-go, imo. Books I have in my shelf will work in hundreds of years (and yes, I have books from 18th century. They still work! 😱)

@mwlucas I think that was some recommendation in the UK some time ago, saving money to free your data? Instead of proper backups and stuff...

E-ink tablet with keyboard and a terminal application... Will that count as digital paper? 🤔

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