I think I want to design and build a desktop environment. I believe I've figured out all the different parts I need for this.

Assigning applications to windows is working!

I only have 64kb of memory to work with, but it's going jam-packed with goodies.

Awyis! First directory listing. Gonna have to turn this into icons..

Managed to bind a top menu to a window's application manifest. This whole thing is now at 4514 bytes in size.

If I can keep all desktop environment stuff under 8kb, it'll leave plenty of space for fun stuff.

Dragging windows around makes it feel a bit more real. I love i3's win+click to drag any window under the cursor, so I went with something like that.

You need to press B button the NDS to move the window with the stylus.

While full background redraw is fine on a raspberry pi, it might be a bit heavy on slower devices so I think I'll use this trick, draw an outline of the drag, and only redraw on release.


@neauoire it's actually quite common, especially for certain use cases. For example windows had (has?l this feature and it's very useful for remote sessions (it was the default) via RDP, just because it saves performance a lot

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