When you buy a pot of basil, you are not buying one plant, but a tightly sown clump of more than 20 seedlings.

This gives the appearance of an extremely healthy, bushy plant, which looks great on the shelf. But the reality is that these seedlings soon start to compete with each other for space, causing the plants in the clump to succumb to lack nutrients.

To fix this, take the clump of plants and divide the root ball into quarters by gently tearing it apart with your fingers.



@neauoire I didn't do that. The thing evolved into a big bush when we decided to make pesto. We reduced the whole beast to about 10-15 plants and reduced the height. Now it's still growing and also very high again, especially for a pot plant.

I have to add, my gf thought the thing is dead after two weeks when I brought it home. It's more than a year now...

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