Another short survey:

A friend offered a with and the needed cables for 100 €. Five years ago he wanted 70 € for the same set. Sound works fine, as well as video and probably everything else. There's just some minor scratch on the back.

Should I buy it?

@sirjofri As often: It depends. What do you intend to use it for?

You're mentioning apparent quality and monetary value. As an invenstment for resale in a few years it might pay off, if you can afford enough patience.

@floppy years ago I used to program smaller software for the c64 using emulators. Also I really like old tech and how it all works, so it's definitely not a thing to put on the wall or sell years later. I'd use it, maybe play some games and write sone software for it. Maybe it's also a good chance for me to get into lowlevel hardware

@sirjofri That would sound like a good investment for you then. :) If you have the budget and it is realistic that you can spend time with then I'd say
✅ yes, buy
❎ no, you don't need it

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