I’m running a local DNS server on my laptop, best idea. Why is that not a common practice?

@julienxx because many systems have something like a hosts file which is basically it, and most homes have a router which is also a DNS?

@sirjofri @julienxx most consumer routers aren't a resolving DNS server but only a caching one that fetches from the ISP DNS servers.

And your normal systems (least on the Linux distros) do the same thing, running a local caching resolver

@reto @julienxx normally you have a hosts file where you can add names and ips manually. It's technically not using DNS, but works in a similar manner for the local pc. Some use it to filter out spotify ads, for example, or to make short names for servers. On linux it's /etc/hosts and on windows it's inside the system32 directory, I think.

@sirjofri @julienxx sure, depends on how you setup nsswitch.conf.
Although that's a poor mans way of configuring an adblock... there are multiple programming languages that don't use the glibc wrapper and hence may ignore the entries.

@reto @julienxx I only used in a standard configuration like most distributions and windows are. I doubt people change the configuration that much. And I'm not a linux user anymore...

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