....why the hell don't common #terminal emulators have a "plumb" feature.
sure, you can click URLs, but how often do you wanna do that compared to opening a file?
pls, Linux, steal more ideas from Plan 9.

@Ylfingr the plumber is "an interprocess communication tool" on Plan 9 and related systems, but really it's just xdg-open but kinda better.
You can select some text and send it to the (well, a) plumber service, which matches it against your plumb rules, and decides what to do with it. Usually it opens it with some kind of program.
This means that you can open files, but also have rules for stuff like git commits, so when you plumb one, it gets dumped in diff form somewhere.
It's usually accessible through a menu item or is bound to right-click.

@grainloom @Ylfingr it also works across machines (because Plan9). I have multiple plan9 machines and on one machine I usually have a terminal and a browser, on the other one fullscreen acme. I can plumb urls in acme to open them in the browser, or plumb files from the terminal to open them in acme


@grainloom @Ylfingr (also today I'll write about plumber in my bachelor thesis. I'll focus on the tool as a supporting tool for a hypermedia system)

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