@nf @csepp @sirjofri @neauoire having a remote auth server would be a nice touch, you wouldn’t have to install plan9 at all on your machine :}


@royniang @nf @csepp @neauoire sure, but modern vps servers are not cheaper if you buy more of them. I could pay for another fileserver and change my auth, but that's no win for me.

@sirjofri @nf @csepp @neauoire we can share the load, i don’t use my vps that much :)

@royniang @nf @csepp @neauoire I wouldn't have a problem with creating a larger grid with more people, eg sharing an auth. That's actually what I dream about somehow. Also I figured out a way to restrict cpu access to groups only and since groups etc handled in the fileserver we can define server areas restricted by group membership

@sirjofri @nf @csepp @neauoire oh that’s interesting, I should read about security on plan 9

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