Since I’m getting a little attention, I should probably post my coffee mug too. To be honest, my only real exposure to so far has been the SDF, but I’ve been a fan for a long time 😊. Always happy to raise awareness.

@silveralicorn I have 2 different SDF coffee mugs, and i'm so afraid of breaking them I dont use them :( I hope we get new mugs for 35th anniversarry and then I can buy 2. 1 to use and 1 to save :D

@silveralicorn I should buy one of those, perhaps to replace my IBM mug.

@silveralicorn Be careful not to drop that, the handles have a tendency to break off. RIP mine :(

@silveralicorn I've only really heard of openBSD and I'm not very familiar with it. What makes NetBSD so cool?

@soda NetBSD was the first open source BSD which is cool in my book. It originally caught my interest because of its wide range of supported platforms - it even ran on the Dreamcast when I was first learning about it. Beyond that I’m still learning, but it feels like a really “clean” OS compared to the many bloated Linux distros.

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