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It’s a shame I can’t actually toot from the SDF shell (yet?), I wonder if the toot app could be added?

Gettin’ my personal site switched over to php and clean css… almost ready to show it off!

So I got around to messing with my Raspberry Pi last night and here’s my thoughts. I tried NetBSD of course, but sadly it’s not very well supported and there is a bug with dropped keyboard inputs, so I can’t use it seriously. So I loaded the stock OS back on and I’m giving that a proper look. So far it’s fun finding out what’s different and what’s still the same compared to my Linux experience 15 years ago.

The dark console seems to be a known problem with old nVidia cards... I'm using a GeForce 2...

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Well I got NetBSD to boot on the PIII box, but for some reason the console is reeeeeeally dark… didn’t stop me from installing though. It looks fine when XDM loads

Quikscript is neat, but I think “low” and “I” are too easy to screw up when writing by hand. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy THIRTIETH birthday to the shareware version of id Software's legendary first person shooter Wolfenstein 3D! 🎂🎉🎈🍾🥂

I’m tempted to pick up an older HP Elitebook just to mess around with. They’re good workhorses and going pretty cheap right now.

Morning all

I was really tired last night, so I didn’t get up to much. I’m currently waiting for a CF card adapter so I can easily swap drives on the Pentium III box. All I have in there right now is an old SATA hard drive with a PATA converter, less than ideal but it at least got me started.

My timeline is a crypto free zone. I believe proof-of-work blockchain technology is too damaging to the environment to justify any proposed benefits. I think cryptocurrencies foster an environment rife with pyramid schemes that harms people who would otherwise invest in safer ways. Information begs to be free; NFTs and digital ownership are diametrically opposed to this goal.

So far I’ve been using the SDF as a notepad for my writing ideas, for web space, and for learning Python. I’m sure there’s lots more to do, if anyone has suggestions I’m all ears 🙂

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I’m finally sitting down and learning more about what I can do with SDF. I’m really pleased to see the Mastodon instance is active!

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