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@xzenia i thought it just shows followers from your instance?!

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Nie versuchen, überregional was mit Leuten zu organisieren, die Social Media, Smartphone usw. boykottieren. Man kann sie nie erreichen, baumelt die meiste Zeit planungsunfähig rum, muss ewig things on hold halten etc.

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Increasing my limited space holiday cooking repertoire - ‘pizza’ made in a frying pan using pitas, fresh tomatoes, cheese, olive oil and oregano 🍕

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You're welcome to share this, or even post it to sites like Hacker News, but please don't attribute it to me. I will deny having written it. Please attribute it to "Simon Jester" instead.

@ParadeGrotesque just as I suspected (: when I plugged it into my linuxbox, it said unknown fs... Did some reading, and 'proprietary' really turned me off. Thanks so far!

@starbreaker I need to plug it into windows, Linux and apple machines... I can make it work. just looking for opinions on filesystem's on portables.

My portable came with . Keep this fs? Yes or no?

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@rolledgoats don't be humble (: I think it's a big togetherness

@rolledgoats (: ce or arc? I'm just working on my master thesis... Greetings

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Never used Chrome. Never will. Google "services" (sorry: consumer surveillance solutions) are creepy enough without using that browser to access them.

When the first version of Firefox came out (it was called Phoenix at the time) I ditched IE and never looked back. Used Opera for a very short while.

Chrome is going to ditch adblockers, or so they say. To which I reply: so what? Did you really think Google was giving you all that stuff for free?

"Don't be evil", my a**.

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