If you have never had the opportunity to try Saint Louis style , here's how to experience it for yourself right at home:

Buy the cheapest, plastic-wrapped ready-to-bake pizza you can. Scrape the toppings off the pizza and onto the cardboard under the pizza. Throw away the crust and heat in the microwave. Eat the cardboard.

Congratulations! You have now faithfully replicated the full Saint Louis Pizza experience.

... And, I'm sorry.

it will never stop blowing my mind that i read an article about the "dark legacy of science after Soviet socialism" and it was primarily about how there was equal gender representation among scientists in Russia.

As a 6'2" middle-aged white male Buddhist who plays Chinese folk flutes, what are my thoughts about cultural appropriation?

The outrage is often sparked by subverted expectations and stereotypes held *by those outraged.*

"Cultural appropriation" outrage reinforces unhealthy mindless tribalism, is openly based on corrupt "Intellectual Property" law, and becomes more nonsensical as the world becomes smaller and cultures interact.

Making fun of and demeaning people is still wrong.

I saw a t-shirt that made me laugh. It said: "I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I just HATE vegetables!"

Things to know before you decide to play the :

hate . The only thing dogs hate more than flutes are piccolos and bamboo flutes. (Shinobue are RIGHT OUT!!)

Following the storm, I have enjoyed three days without power. So relaxing. Makes me wonder why we all use so much electricity all the time.

vigorously rubbing the carpet before i throw a punch for additional lightning damage

Anicca: Impermanence

Storm tore an old tree down behind my home last night. Mercifully it fell perfectly and missed my home by inches.

Watch "Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts" on YouTube

Homemade pumpkin pie.
The secret to flaky crust is leaving chunks of butter in the dough - the uneven melting is what makes it flaky. Don't soften the butter and don't knead the dough more than necessary to bind it.

What's the number one thing you DON'T want to hear as you are going under for surgery?

"Accept this sacrifice, oh Lord of Darkness."

Practicing with a broken consort for a performance at a church tomorrow. Bass Blockflöte, Querflöte, and Violin. "Wachet Auf" by Praetorius and some pieces TBD.

In Baroque music, a consort is "broken" when it includes instruments from more than one family - in this case: woodwind and string.

Whenever I eat a particularly delicious slice of pizza, I feel a twinge of sadness for everyone on the planet not eating pizza at the same moment.

Medium Article, Internalized Homophobia, Internalized Transphobia, LGBTQ, LGBT+, Gay, Lesbian, Queer 

Buddhism is generally incompatible with the purism arising from American repristination and its philosophy of history.

These unconscious forces drive people to continually abandon their received practices in search of older, "purer" forms closer to the source and to adopt ever more demanding disciplines... until they can't meet their own unreasonable demands. Then they either abandon the Way or make a deceptive show of empty piety.

Better to walk the Path as received.

We are in the midst of the Chinese Ghost Festival.

After Taoist Master Deng Ming-Dao taught a lesson about the festival at a Chinese cultural school, a student asked him, "But isn't this all just superstition?"

The master replied, "If it helps you to express compassion and your genuine human nature, then why are you young people so afraid to be superstitious!?"

Aero Fighters - Arcade Intro (1992)
Platform: Arcade Games
Genre: Action » Shooter » Shoot-'Em-Up » Vertical
Developer/Publisher: Video System
Release: 1992
Also Known As: Sonic Wings (JP)
Franchise: Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings
#gaming #retrogaming #arcade #1990s

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