New race: satyrs, for experienced players only. They have 2 levels of adjustments, incapable of wearing pants and have cute tail and horns.

Szarkai have been unlocked for everyone with pass level 30 to roll. This elven subrace is a subrace of albino drow, used by their underdark masters in their deals with surface world as spies, agents and even diplomats. They are physically indistinguishable from albino elves. Mechanics wise, it is elven subrace with other features taken from drow. You have to refer to <help drow> as a guideline.

Atoyatl is back. Jungle has been decreased so it should be easier to explore.

Atoyatl is broken because of infinite loops. Don't go there untill further notice from Lujke - be sure to read announcement board - or you may experience ... stuckness and weirdness.

Good news, everyone! Old DES password crypt is gone! You might want to update your passwords to new savory ones with passwd next time you login, even if you understood nothing of what I've said. Especially if you understood nothing.

Small things this time: update to new fluffOS and you can see who is online on

Foresight spell recieved an update: it now grants armor class and reflex bonuses, as well as protection from death effects.

We got backups from old server for everything that happened there since 16th feb. If you have lost an item or some levels, you may ask ilmarinen to restore you or any imm to grant you boon.

Levelcheck has been installed. Check help who for more info. Official policy on playerkilling will be issued next week.

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