@CyReVolt it’d be awesome if someone added FIDO support to factotum

@a @henesy not really, you could probably do by checking activewin but I have hardcoded bartflag = true so it made more sense to use that 🤷

@sir do you have a pinephone? if so do you like it?

@neauoire @sigrid@merveilles.town hyperjam to libdraw :)

@neauoire the question is when is @sigrid@merveilles.town porting it to 9front?

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@sigrid@merveilles.town can you not just use the gcp ssh thing they have built in to the console? or do you have to pay for that?

@sigrid@merveilles.town kubectl doesn't work in bsd?

@sir could you be jumping to conclusions there bud? 😀

to indicate which window is active in acme;

bartflag = true; if(&w->body==barttext) b = actbutton;

and rob's your uncle! another one of those things I should have done a lot earlier.

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