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@seven1m The irony is that they are still the YouTube videos. Joke🙂

I've been able to use all software to record and edit my YouTube videos lately. Feels good. And Kdenlive doesn't force me to a specific video size like iMovie, so that's nice.

I recorded a long video in pieces over the weekend, trying to get mspec to compile with Natalie. In the end, I didn't quite get it finished, but Natalie gained a bunch of cool stuff in the process!

‪Wow everyone posting EffinBirds is sooo original 🙄‬

I'm in printf() debugging hell trying to track down a bug in Natalie's garbage collector. I think it might be time to abandon it and use a real debugger, um, like 2 hours ago. 😖

I just realized the first release of gcc was in 1987. That's younger than I thought! What was the compiler du jour before that??

haha the Ports collection, once expanded, filled up the thumb drive. I guess I'll need a proper machine + hdd to play with Ports.

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I installed NomadBSD on an old thumb drive, stuck it in an old laptop, and now I'm learning about Ports. Fun stuff!

Once reaches 10 mil toots, I will be shutting it down. If you want to discover people talking about a specific topic on the fediverse, now's the time to use it 😺

@seven1m Soemtimes I feel it looks like is stalled but OTOH I read people complaining about all the new people that do not know how to behave and think that this is like birdsite. So I really can't say , I guess it's growing not uniformally and depending on your timeline you can feel it or suffer it . ;-)

My followers list is a wasteland. Lots of dead/inactive accounts. I’m pretty sure there are like three people reading my toots on here.

It’s fine; I just treat it as a diary. But I worry that Mastodon isn’t thriving. Someone tell me I’m wrong?

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