I'm on a roll! 3 videos this week and I have a couple more coming. The parser is taking shape!

Language Hacking: Parsing Method Calls youtu.be/gBnuvL4yvm8

I made some minor improvements to the Ruby parser last evening... Now we can parse multiple expressions!


1. Record screencast on my Mac because the webcam is better
2. scp the video file to my Linux laptop
3. Edit with Kdenlive because it’s better
4. Upload to YouTube because it’s, um, where the eyeballs are

Am I unprincipled or just practical?

@roberttheiv@mastodon.social right now, pretty slow compared to MRI. But I haven’t done much in way of optimization yet. Just having fun!

I wish I could have used the ruby/spec suite from the beginning, but I didn't have enough Ruby implemented to run it...

One hard (fun!) part of implementing a language is building the mental model of the dependency tree, so you know what to implement first, second, and so on...

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Language Hacking: Adding Floating Point Numbers youtu.be/BgOtygEgUUc

I finally got around to working on Float in our little language! This time, I'm doing it right... using ruby/spec to ensure it's a proper implementation! 💪

I really enjoyed reading this GitHub issue I got today: github.com/seven1m/bible_api/i

>The project is using MySql which is over engineering for a read only access.

I only know how to over engineer. Is there another kind?

I finally got around to uploading pictures from my Altair 8800 build onto my SDF user gallery! I hope everyone enjoys them!


I’m nostalgic for those ‘Teach Yourself X in 21 Days’ books. Not because I ever fully “learned” any language with one, but because of the naive optimism and joy of expanding horizons of that time in my life.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz@hackers.town I bookmarked your toot

“I'm sure you've heard that the whole idea behind the original arcade Pong was that it was a test for me just to practice, building the simplest possible game. But Nolan lied to me and said it was going to be a home product.”

--Al Alcorn, creator of Pong


I had a lot of fun building this. There’s more work to do on keyword args, but it’s a solid start!


Guys! Tonight I added keyword arguments to Natalie, after putting it off for MONTHS, and it wasn't as bad as I thought! Whew. 😅

Video coming in the morning...

This bug was fascinating and only present in gcc -O1 and up. Can you spot the bug before I do?


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