I'm on a roll! 3 videos this week and I have a couple more coming. The parser is taking shape!

Language Hacking: Parsing Method Calls youtu.be/gBnuvL4yvm8

I made some minor improvements to the Ruby parser last evening... Now we can parse multiple expressions!


Language Hacking: Adding Floating Point Numbers youtu.be/BgOtygEgUUc

I finally got around to working on Float in our little language! This time, I'm doing it right... using ruby/spec to ensure it's a proper implementation! 💪

Guys! Tonight I added keyword arguments to Natalie, after putting it off for MONTHS, and it wasn't as bad as I thought! Whew. 😅

Video coming in the morning...

This bug was fascinating and only present in gcc -O1 and up. Can you spot the bug before I do?


I recorded a long video in pieces over the weekend, trying to get mspec to compile with Natalie. In the end, I didn't quite get it finished, but Natalie gained a bunch of cool stuff in the process!


Just did some fun, simple programming with ruby/spec for Natalie tonight. Nothing fancy, but I got to write actual Ruby, so that's cool! youtu.be/nn1ZlWULVhU

The video where I confess that I often wonder if I should give up and leave this hard stuff to the "professionals." Nooo!! Let's finish our garbage collector, okay!??


Wrapping Hash mutation in a mutex was easy, but finding the bug in our Hash implementation was not! Come watch me struggle! 😆


Wow, I have to learn how class @@variables work. They are shared between all subclasses of a class they are defined in. How does that even work?

Part 2 of adding Ruby Range to our language:


There's a bit in the middle where I get to write an algorithm for finding the successor to any string in Ruby. Challenging!

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