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I installed on my Thinkpad and it's great! Most of my existing i3 config was perfect -- just had to convert some X-isms over to stuff.

After a year of trying to get accustomed to the abomination that is the half-height up/down arrows on the “magic” apple , I finally busted out my 9-year-old . This thing is a beast and it feels like coming home. 🤗

I'm in love with this illustration:

"It's fun to shop as a family"

So I changed my name and avatar again. Sorry!

Using Stan Lee's Twitter account to shill your movie after than man passed. Really crappy move Marvel.

I love this! LDPL is a *new* programming language with COBOL-like syntax. No functions, no variable scope.

Why am I in love with this...

I got this working last night... Raspberry Pi + 16x2 LCD

My first real solder job and it really works!

Now to figure out how to connect the buttons...

Concept for Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" by the award winning painter Eyvind Earle.

"I get paid to chat on Reddit"

Social media is too easy to manipulate... this is our generation's "don't believe everything you see on TV" issue.

I bought this on a whim at the bookstore. I haven’t owned a “in 24 hours” book in a decade or more!

There are probably better ways of learning 3D stuff, but you gotta start somewhere.

HAHAHA someone call the P.C. police -- this man is bribing his wife to make him cookies!

Live on YouTube, 12k people are watching a dvd screensaver. I believe I have reached the end of the internet.

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