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Illustration by Harry Hants, 1952

I absolutely love this cover. I’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes.

The science fair was a success! Our little performed perfectly.

There were 16 exhibits in our group; every project was super cool!

Good morning . Today we have a group science fair with the kids. Our family built an blinky led thing to test peripheral vision acuity.

Man this tablet is awesome. Ubuntu feels snappy. Fixing the wifi took some file twiddling, but everything else I’ve tried is working really well—even the touch UI (which I expected to suck). And the touchpad on this keyboard is better with Linux than my Thinkpad’s.

I just finished doing the usual ssh key and dotfiles dance. Tomorrow I’ll try to get one of our work Rails apps running.

I booted up the new Surface Go so I can make a recovery disk and promptly wipe and install Linux.

I don’t think a USB hub is supposed to feed power out of the male connector.

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