I've been able to use all software to record and edit my YouTube videos lately. Feels good. And Kdenlive doesn't force me to a specific video size like iMovie, so that's nice.

I’m really enjoying this book, The Soul of A New Machine (1981). I think this quote gave me the most brain food the last few days. Not sure if it comes across out of context though.

This is the image I imagine when I'm selecting my T-shirt and hoodie from the closet for the day. 😆

There are now 1 million toots in the index. If you're looking for people to follow by topic, this is getting really useful. I've found and and peeps using it.


I hope mstdn.io can figure out their IO issue. It was a fun instance while I was there.

Here is my distraction-free Slack settings starter kit. These mostly just reduce noise and moving things to the minimum and let me focus more.

This was the first program I ever wrote, called "Spell It!", running in QBASIC. I wrote it to help me learn spelling word lists in middle school, but spent way more time on this code than I did learning to spell those words! Of course, then I was hooked.

“Evidence suggests that the number of programmers in the world doubles about every five years.”
–Robert Martin


How do we know what’s going on in the world? Our government tells us! 😭

These wireless chargers at the airport work through the packaging. Nice!

(Would suck to buy one in a hurry and discover someone had already drained it though!)

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