I made some huge strides with my implementation in the last couple weeks:

- exceptions now have backtrace
- a bunch of stdlib methods
- proper singleton class
- started work on Hash
- string interpolation
- started pulling in and fixing specs from ruby/spec
- vastly improved spec runner
- rewritten compiler with multiple passes
- and lots more!


@seven1m WHOA! Doing a ruby implementation is no small feat! Looks like the Ruby/Spec suite is still under active development, so there's that I guess :)


@feoh yeah I know this is a big project. But I’m encouraged by the progress already made! I started around the time of Advent of Code (instead of doing programming exercises) and my goal is to have a sufficient Ruby implementation to do Advent of Code 2020 with it. 😉

@seven1m Neat! I know one of the difficulties other alternative ruby implementations have cited is coordination with and keeping up with Matz's CRuby team. Good luck!

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