languages I know (for various definitions of “know”) by decade of invention:

10s: , ,
90s: , ,
70s: ,
50s: (none)

Is there a language from the fifties worth learning?

@moonman ok, hmmm, good point. I like Scheme but I haven’t done much with other lisps. Might be good to explore!

@seven1m "Worth Learning" is your call, but I would put FLOW-MATIC and LISP on there for repping the 50s. There are some asm-like sets for the ENIAC, but I can't say anything personal about them. If you are planning on time-traveling back for any of this, let me know, I have a love note for Ada!

@seven1m since you already got lisps in your pocket, I'd say probably none. Unless you have to deal with some legacy system :-)

@seven1m FORTRAN, of course. If you're going to learn it, I would recommend aiming for FORTRAN 77 as the sweet spot for usefulness, sanity, and retro-osity.

Seconding Fortran. COBOL for a certain value of "worth learning". APL is 60s but also worth taking a look at.

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