Found myself looking at the Pine64 site and stopped myself at the realisation that I just need to wait until the MNT Reform is delivered, whenever that is, and not carelessly spend money on more toys in the meantime + already some Sipeed risc-v boards are awaiting shipment via Aliexpress.

So a poster for Indiana Jones in celebration of the movies 14th anniversary and was wondering what’s up, cause The Last Crusade was released way before that. *squints* wait, there’s no Sean Connery on the poster! then realised it was the poster Kingdom of The Crystal Skiull

A good carboot sale find this morning: a guide to the Internet, from 1999.

I am looking forward to reading this!

It looks like they correctly predicted "the cloud", but with more giraffes than is now commonplace.

Made the mistake of installing a mastodon client on my phone. Getting distracted posting whilst outside. Uninstalling

I find Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports so calming. Love to just sit in the park and really get lost in it. Similarly for Harold Budd who Brian Eno produced.

@Ailantd I liked your drawing so much that I've made my own version of it.

My current project is cleaning the typing unit of my "new" terminal, the Model 35 ASR.

Tavis Ormandy’s post of porting Lotus 1-2-3 is an amazing approach to turning portability on its head ♥️

Discovered the "drop instead of hide" setting when creating filters.

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