10 minutes of federated timelines and I want to learn Esperanto and try Haiku OS... am I being radicalized?

@sequethin OH NOES! You're starting to , you must get off the Fediverse immediatly. For your own good, get a birdsite account, do some shopping, watch some TV, so Ingsoc can be proud of you again!


@sequethin Haiku OS is pretty radical. They were emoji before emoji was cool.

@sequethin The NEXT desktop systems for unix may have missed me by a gen. There were a few goodies that fit , the enlightenment desktop that was my first serious linux working env. I think Haiku's style is legendary and looks good in WSL2.

@xk051 I was thining about e16 the other day... I miss having a reflecting pool at the bottom of my window :)

@sequethin I screencapped these in 2013 but the features were things we were doing about 8 years previous with TinyMUX.

Get ready. :)

This is running a mud-mode, and a java graphical hud for , on on i-forget-which-distro-whatever-could-compile-e16-in-2013. I thought being able to layer transparent virtual desktop viewports over grellk resource monitors was the superfantastic. The wave effect would immediately crash all this so I never used those effects.

@xk051 ahhh I miss that moon applet thing. haha I'm deep into using yabridge + wine to get some audio VST plugins working today... but I'm gonna circle back to wm fun soon :)

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