apparently Vivaldi does have *some* Esperanto support. It's not as complete as in FIrefox but it's not entirely devoid of it. That's cool. I really like Vivaldi, but I also am trying my best to immerse myself in Esperanto, so I'm willing to make choices that enable that. I suppose one day I could help translate thing if I become more proficient ĉu ne? hmmm

lol annnnnnnd Ubuntu makes life difficult by trying to make things easier, so now I'm back on Arch... also fwiw if I would have just realized that I had not yet uncommented the Esperanto locale and run localegen... I would not have had to start over... but.... a fresh start isn't a BAD thing, per se

minor gripes... welp I guess I can't edit things here either lol...

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I wanted to like Debian 11, really I did. It felt so old school and Purely Linux... but wow getting pro audio and nvidia GPU drivers to work turned out to be a nightmare. I gave it an honest effort! Tried all the directions I could find, started fresh a couple times... still awful. Ubuntu "Just Works" (some minot gripes that's all) - AND I get my Esperanto menus

and that led to thoughts of StarFlight.... damn it I miss that game. And I miss decoder wheels. oh the days of yore!

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just thinking about Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation

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Sometimes I think that tech debt is the doing dishes of development.

Except, eventually the dishes get done.

guess I'll try Helix because it's post-modern and vim-like and I love being in a niche

10 minutes of federated timelines and I want to learn Esperanto and try Haiku OS... am I being radicalized?

trying to incorporate some federated timelines into my experience via TheDesk... it's only a little overwhelming...

Arch has the new nvidia 515 in the main line. So cool. I feel so open source rite meow lol

hey SDFers... if you're so inclined, please share why you're part of the SDF community? What brought you to SDF? What makes you stay?

So one of my favorite "Future Funk" artists is Macross 82-99, and of my first-ever shell accounts was here at SDF (decades ago? wow time flies... )

TIL of - which simply must be some amazing combination of unix and disco, I'm sure of it. I don't even need to watch the series.

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there's nothing stopping me from going back to NeoMutt. Nothing. I was hesitant to get back into configuring tools forever and never using them, but now that I've been tweaking my new arch system I think maybe I've missed tweaking things and I've missed the speed and efficiency of CLI everything. Well.. at least cli email. Or maybe I should install that tidal-cli thing I saw in the aur repo...

definitely gonna need to do some work on the fonts in this client though it's a little strange to look at. Could just be I need to install more fonts on this new arch sys.

trying a client called TheDesk and it's a little strange but it's also super cool. I have all my accounts (because... you're supposed to have a bunch, right? right?) in one wide screen window and I can see everything at once. There's some cool ways to customize the columns too. Gonna be fun to try this for a while :)

YAY SDF in my Toot app, this is great! thanks SDF! :)

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@SDF I wonder if you might know the answer to this. I use an iOS app called Toot and when it searches for the SDF mastodon instance, it can’t find it. I thought this was specific to Toot, but I noted that the official app can’t find it either. Do you happen to know why that might be? I was hoping to add the instance to either app (or another).

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