Yeah, it can run BSD, Linux or whatever. But what are you going to do with it?
Turn it off, shove it in a corner and forget about it forever?
Computers were made to be used.
Be creative.

To use my Raspberry Pi as a bridge :D

It's simple:
> connect my smartphone on the Rasp;
> turn on USB tethering
> get the connection working from USB to the Ethernet port

For this, I had to set a trigger that executes a script to create the bridge when the usb0 NIC (the tethering from my phone) gets active.

(the commands for this can be found here

But for some reason the trigger would not activate and after hours trying to solve this, I just created a cron job :p

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That's one of those stories about getting internet to work properly on an OpenBSD box.

My computer is kinda far from my internet modem and it has no wi-fi adapter, I access internet using USB tethering from my android device (it works flawlessly on Linux).

But for some reason it didn't work on OpenBSD, I've followed dozens of instructions on how to install drivers through fw_update and about network interfaces, but nothing seemed to work

So I had this GREAT idea [+]

Hello folks, just created this account, I'm up to share knowledge and some impressions mainly about:

, , , and in general

y'all know, the good old pleasures of a basement guy

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