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I know this account has been dormant a while. mainly due to circumstances which prevented me from doing much work on my electronics & lamp-making projects.

however, I've moved, and I hope to put together a workbench for all this very soon!!

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The future is here and it's forcing me to have to solder surface mount components.

Who's bad idea was this whole surface mount thing, anyway?

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Something I've noticed about DIY and similar videos (not a strict correlation, there are exceptions): The production value is inversely proportional to actual usefulness

There's a good 30 second to 2 minute intro, which has little to do with the content, followed by another 30sec - 2min sponsorship plug. And then content, which may or may not actually have enough clarity (or budget) for you to replicate what is shown

Meanwhile, someone wearing a dirty shirt does it better on a camera phone

I don't really remember for sure, but I think on some level the desire to be a lighting designer got a foothold when I went to a few plays at the 2nd-place theater company in my old city.

they did theater in the half round or something like that, basically a stage surrounded on not quite all 3 sides. I saw one play, The Seafarer, set entirely in a living room, with scene changes accomplished almost entirely by lighting. also a Chekhov play where lighting played a huge role in setting the scene.

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TIL There are people making cathode ray tubes (like the ones found on old TVs, but worse) at home from glass bottles and such

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well, maybe my *first* lamp was the inverted chandelier this plant grew under, since nobody was using the pool table in the workshop...

the kids here demanded to plant entirely too large plants when fall was approaching and here we are. no one ate the tiny broccoli this one produced, so it flowered. and now the leaves will be fed to their lizard.

I am looking forward to growing some more reasonably sized herbs down here 😆

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Anyone here knows of a site that sells good TRRS DIY plugs ? The usual Adafruit or similarly branded ones are just out-of-spec-garbage, won't even plug into my phone --'

well, I connected 1 segment of the LED strip to the controller & power supply in the kid's closet.

my soldering (or something else) was not up to par on the LED light bars I was furiously trying to finish before noon today, and I'm too tired to debug it today so I will reconvene in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow.

my housemates did get me a multimeter for Christmas though!! and I didn't have one, so that will be a huge help even in debugging the LED bars.

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I'm making my third lamp.

gotta replace the connector that's attached with the better one I made below. and install everything into the kid's closet before she gets home in 3 hours.

The camera is a liar BTW, when looking at the panel one can see lines where the LED strips are, but it just looks like a really well diffused fluorescent fixture with 3 tubes.

This is very much a prototype - big, fragile, honestly not bright enough though the quality of the light is great (I paid good money for LEDs with excellent color rendering).

But I had to learn new skills to make it, and my roommate will love the gift for that reason alone.

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I made my second lamp.

It's made out of a dead TV, LED strip, pull chain switch, wire, solder, and tape.

The light once diffused thru the weird TV diffusers does have an oddly semi-focused quality - more in front than to the sides than one would expect from an ordinary plastic diffuser. It's kind of weird actually, makes it hard to tell how bright it really is.

Just in time to be a holiday gift for my roommate whose tool storage area is criminally dark.

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folks here might be interested in, a community forum for diy audio and video started recently with a few friends:

"this forum was created as a friendly place to discuss diy video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. it is hosted on our own servers running discourse,, and peertube, and is intended as a refuge from large corporate social media sites. as a community run space, we hope to facilitate sharing of information and encouragement among newcomers and old schoolers alike."

housemates back 2 hours early with no warning

fortunately I was able to conceal the half assembled light panel (a christmas gift for one of them) before they came downstairs!

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