Playing with my Garmin InReach in the front yard. Guy comes over and asks "you flyin' a drone?"

"No, playing with my satellite messenger. When the shit hits the fan I can bounce messages off satellites to make sure my family is OK."

"So whatchu doin' with it now?"

"Seeing if it can transmit a poop emoji."

It's 4:11 AM. Why the hell am I still up?

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Some cool Inspector Gadget graffiti on a train along the James River in Richmond, VA today.

@tw I was surprised to find smoking rooms in some Hilton properties in northern New Jersey, just outside NYC when I was headed up to Cape Cod a few weeks ago. Feels like such a throwback.

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Internet friends are real friends.

It's not up for debate. It's not my opinion. It's a statement of fact.

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WATCH: LGBTQ activists host glitter-filled dance party to protest white supremacists

I'm 38 and have been programming since I was 8. 30 years. In those 30 years, outside of prescribed variable names in high school AP Comp Sci exercises I don't believe I have ever once used foo, bar, baz, or any other metasyntactic variables in any of my programs or documentation. I tend to be more descriptive than that. I'll at least go with do_the_thing(input1,input2). None of this f(foo,bar) nonsense.

@failtime I believe it. These are mental health related charges. It was pure hell to get into the hospital system in the first place. Then the insurance cos want to fight back on covering legitimate prescriptions. Hospital and insurance nickel and diming each other, then the hospital needs cash to hit a profit goal and suddenly they're running a midnight madness sale on medical bills. It's insane.

It's a sad state of affairs when a hospital system can afford to run a sale on account balances. I mean, it's cool with me, saves me $376 to pay in full. We're only making monthly payments because they offered to split the bill up over a couple years with no interest. I can pay the whole thing. But shouldn't they already be charging as little as possible?

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GPG Sync 0.2 is released! It's an open source tool to make it easier for every member of an organization to have up-to-date versions of every other members' PGP public keys.

This version looks way nicer, is more stable, and now has support for Windows.

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Looking north across the James River toward downtown Richmond, Virginia. Out for a walk on the T. Tyler Potterfield pedestrian bridge.

Some nights you just have to say "fuck it" and let Amazon deliver some sushi for dinner.

I totally thought this was a CNN headline for a minute.

"6 Myths About Female Sexuality That We Need To Stop Spreading In The Middle Of This Active Hostage Situation"

@yakkoj You're (mostly) right. I rolled out SSL on my sites with Let's Encrypt recently. It made a mess of my Apache config files and doesn't fail gracefully if everything's not 100% to its liking, but I eventually got there. One server was nice and smooth, the other took hours to sort out.

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