Some cool Inspector Gadget graffiti on a train along the James River in Richmond, VA today.

It's a sad state of affairs when a hospital system can afford to run a sale on account balances. I mean, it's cool with me, saves me $376 to pay in full. We're only making monthly payments because they offered to split the bill up over a couple years with no interest. I can pay the whole thing. But shouldn't they already be charging as little as possible?

Looking north across the James River toward downtown Richmond, Virginia. Out for a walk on the T. Tyler Potterfield pedestrian bridge.

An ordinary trip to the grocery store became the opportunity of a lifetime today when we got to see the Queen of New England in the Stop & Shop parking lot. (Falmouth, MA)

Looking west up Main Street from Libbie Hill Park in Richmond, VA. Taken Wednesday afternoon.

Selfie with my partner Graham, overlooking the James River from Libbie Hill Park in Richmond, VA. Gorgeous day!

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