It's a sad state of affairs when a hospital system can afford to run a sale on account balances. I mean, it's cool with me, saves me $376 to pay in full. We're only making monthly payments because they offered to split the bill up over a couple years with no interest. I can pay the whole thing. But shouldn't they already be charging as little as possible?

@scrow When I had surgery a few years ago, I was able to make the total cost 50% of what it was going to be if I paid in full on the day of the procedure. So messed up.

@failtime I believe it. These are mental health related charges. It was pure hell to get into the hospital system in the first place. Then the insurance cos want to fight back on covering legitimate prescriptions. Hospital and insurance nickel and diming each other, then the hospital needs cash to hit a profit goal and suddenly they're running a midnight madness sale on medical bills. It's insane.

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