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Headed north to Cape Cod with The Grahamster!

I'm getting more disgusted with Apple every day. Every so often an iOS update comes along and I end up with random duplication of about 75% of my iTunes library. That's a pain in the ass to fix even on my MacBook with iTunes. Good luck cleaning that up on an iPad alone. Apple acts like they want us to fully immerse ourselves in the iPhone/iPad ecosystem, and then gives us almost none of the tools to make that practical. Why does iOS still not have proper music library management tools?

I think I'll take Jekyll for a spin. I've messed with it once before but it's been so long I have no idea what I'm doing. This will be a fun project!

I've never cared too much for raisins.

Looking west up Main Street from Libbie Hill Park in Richmond, VA. Taken Wednesday afternoon.

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Heya all! Apparently the vice president of design at Dropbox made something pretty neat, actually. I saw it mentioned on freshnews. Anyways, it's called and the entirety of the site is stored in the URL once you make one.

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Selfie with my partner Graham, overlooking the James River from Libbie Hill Park in Richmond, VA. Gorgeous day!

After all these years I finally got an invoice from Amazon for S3 services. I owe them two cents. I'd love to know how much AMEX is going to charge them to process that.

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Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed

My guess for tonight's game of "Gun Shots, Fireworks, or Meth Lab?" Fireworks!

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I recently caught my cat digging for loose change. 🙀

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The #Comcast outage today is a great reminder at how terribly centralized and hierarchical connections are. #P2P all the things!

#decentralization #mesh

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Can we get funding for by rebranding it Space Force and gluing guns to everything?

Kinda sorta feeling like making the 2-hour drive up to Shenandoah National Park to do some mountaintop VHF QRP, but that's an awful lot of work and I'm feeling lazy today.

I got tired of the constant bickering and political bullshit on Facebook and have made the jump over here. Hello, world!