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Is it just me that doesn't realllllly care about being in "the metaverse"?

Technological mastery: 20% computer science, 80% cables and adapters.

Getting back into web development after a long while, and finding responsive design really fascinating. Is this normal?

Today I learned the difference between "forego" and "forgo".

lol. UK gov wants to build a floating trade fair and diplomacy cruise ship, then shoehorn 'security' measures into it to get around WTO international tendering. Can't make this shit up.

Any ideas on how to starch/fix some paper that's been folded? Preferably without any coloring or visual difference except maybe some glossing. Varnish? Corn starch?

Saw a writing desk bureau thingy in a charity shop today and now I really want a writing desk bureau thingy.

I actually laughed at this one, which probably means I'm super lame.

Not seeing much social coverage of China expanding coal production by 100m tonnes. A HUNDRED MILLION TONNES, to keep things rolling.

Stupidly realising that an old 40W bulb is about 4x the power of my laptop. That's a quarter of the power to DO SOME AMAZING SHIT compared to just lighting a room. 🤯

Thinking through heat in the house as winter and gas prices kick in.

Current idea is to get a second hand hot water bottle, and fill it with the leftover hot water from the washing up.

Would washing up liquid and food particles degrade the rubber though? Should I "upgrade" to something more ceramic?

Mental exercise: Let the planet save humanity, rather than the other way around.

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