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Any day that I get to use kcachegrind is a good day.

Let's say I've put in "reasonable" privacy measures across my browsers and devices.

How do I actually go about testing it - finding out what's leaking/leaked, comparing it to "default" setups, etc?

I guess there are some good guides around, but also thinking in terms of ongoing process/strategy.

This is an absolutely *amazing* analysis of software industry progress, development careers and lifetimes, pay and drop-out:

I would disagree that all computer science skills go out of fashion - tools and frameworks yes, fundamentals less so. But everything else definitely strikes a chord.

GOOD MORNING AND or go home.

It's silly season here for parents right now. Expect fragmentation.

Another interesting event happening today: the Green Software Foundation Global Summit: (4pm BST)

Sustainable tech dev, UX and sustainable behaviour, and measuring carbon impact.

Thinking about collecting an archive of "micro rituals".

Do you have any little traditions or personal rituals you maintain?

A 1600-year-old yew trees, the Jack-in-the-Green festival, thoughts on rituals, and a handful of and spiritual links.

I finally managed to write a new newsletter! And it is here ➡️

☀️ 🕸️

Sudden 5pm rush of messages.

What if we just formalise that as a Thing? Everyone do all their comms 1700-1800 UTC and get it out the way.


Good morning and fedippl. Tell me something relaxing.

This looks like it could be a good session: Turning Climate Anxiety into Hope and Empowerment, on Tues 14th


I'm not sure I can justify renewing my subscription to the FT this year, but I'll miss it. Maybe there's an opportunity here to try to discover new sources of information, that I enjoy as much?

This is me trying to get it to render a city inside a crystal ball. The prompt was 'a crystal ball in the mist with a city inside it,'. Now I'm trying 'a city inside a crystal ball, mist' . XD

CW AI art

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