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Looking to connect with and learn from sustainable technology people beyond the usual white-middle-class tribe. Any pointers on who I should be following, reading, etc?

Struggling to find any good line chart of male/female diversity in STEM jobs for the last 10+ years. Anyone have any pointers? (UK preferably, but any regions useful.)

Dragging work into the future row-by-row...

"Rees-Mogg attached a league table listing those departments with the fewest staff coming into their Whitehall offices as a percentage of total office space."

You see what happened there? I went to look up chipboard, and ended up posting about to-do lists.

Trying out a probability-based to-do list. For those times when you want some sort of order to work from, but vague priorities and doing SOMETHING are more important than precise, canonical ordering.

Weeeeeee! First 'proper' piece using the Foundational Hand script I picked up yesterday.

Materials: Pilot Parallel and Rotring calligraphy pens, Sakura Pigma Micron, Ecoline and Diamine ink applied with brushes, and Edding Gold fineliner, on Daler Rowney 90gm calligraphy paper.

#MastoArt #calligraphy

Me trying to view upcoming events to see if I want to book at a local venue.

I guess not.

(Folks, don’t let Facebook hold your businesses hostage to their surveillance. Not all of us are willing to be tracked by Meta, Inc., for the privilege of patronising your establishment.)

Morning and all. Clouds like brush-strokes in a sky like a mountain lake.

Is there a tool like yarnsub, but for plants? You enter a species name and get replacement recommendations based on flower/fruit period, color, sunshine preference, etc? #gardening #florespondence

Yesterday's charity shop bargain was this early 80's Pac-Man board game in good condition. Some great gobbling mechanisms really selling the game to the kids here.

Monday reminder that you still need to change the time on your oven, car, grandfather clock, gamecube, dreamcast and 3DS. 🕰️

Charity shop find: Picked up some films on laserdisc for a mate. Epicly beautiful tech, like living inside a DVD...

Good morning and all. May your voice sing out like the edge of a sword today.

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