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Playing with evolving architecture in Roblox. Pretty straightforward so far, should be some fun stuff here.

Still sending out the odd tao-inspired musing, maybe 2-3 times a year. That's a kind of irregularity to be proud of.

Subscribe here and I'll forward on today's:

Rushed, but finally managed to post a general-life update in true random-braindump-blogging kind of a way:

Anyone manage to use XD files on Linux? Doing some web dev work which needs to access them, export assets, etc, but having to constantly use two laptops. Moving my dev environment to macos isn't really desirable.

Make Agreed Democratic Procedures Great Again.

Also, significantly surprised at the number of people who haven't heard anything about China's new reported hypersonic nuke tests.

Really not sure what to do with the info, mentally and emotionally. Have we just got used to "world is doomed" headlines?

Is it just me that doesn't realllllly care about being in "the metaverse"?

Technological mastery: 20% computer science, 80% cables and adapters.

@natecull My wife recommended a button saying GET OVER YOURSELF.

Gonna put a button on my website saying MELLOW OUT and another one saying CHILL.

Oh no! Now I've created decision anxiety in my viewers! Too many options! They clicked away!

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Getting back into web development after a long while, and finding responsive design really fascinating. Is this normal?

Today I learned the difference between "forego" and "forgo".

lol. UK gov wants to build a floating trade fair and diplomacy cruise ship, then shoehorn 'security' measures into it to get around WTO international tendering. Can't make this shit up.

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