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Little braveries, the "lie-flat" movement, 60 year rewilding, digital gardens, and new zines - all in this moonth's beamspun newsletter:

Any suggestions for what to do with old, duff USB cables?

Currently thinking of chopping the connectors off to make dummy port-plugs to keep rain and insects out, while using the cable part as makeshift rope.

Searching online for books in local libraries

This is a mixture of lament and how-to guide.

Suppose you've reviewed lots of books. It's pretty easy to generate a link to let people buy the book at Amazon or any other online store. But how do you link to a user's local library?

You can't. There is no "search every library in the UK" service1. You can search the British Library, b

#/etc/ #api #books #libraries

Intrigued to observe that I often think about "non-materialism" in terms of consumption and physical stuff, but Lao Tzu focuses more on a deeper, more inner notion of senses and experience. Stuff and content is just a vehicle for that stimulation, but not the only way.

Is there a difference between "optimism" and "hope"?

▲ Why we won't fix climate change — the blame game

This picture is a representation of the world we live in, but only because we accept it.
By building up excuses and blaming each other, citizens, politicians and corps ultimately refuse to take their share of responsibility in the progression of climate change and prevent the introduction of effective counter-measures.

I must admit, I've decided to stop copying my weeknotes into Medium, and it feels fine. More ... personal.

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haha yes. now you too can draw a fractal, zoom into it, and push the number of points until it looks like the first triangle. and zoom again until your computer breaks. beautiful. twenty nine megapoints

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If you're around tomorrow 7am PST / 10am EDT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST then feel free catch me on Twitch for a Garden Path Art Stream.

I'll be focusing on accessories and equipment for the player and NPCs, as well as taking any questions about the game!

Morning feds. I think Ghormenghast castle worked its way into my dreams last night.

How would you describe your relationship with email newsletters?

Just remembered. The moment I woke up this morning, I felt this surreal sense of "existence" - an awareness of perception more than a feeling of being alive. The bubble that everything, ever, is contained in.

Maybe the meditation is kicking in.

Back at the laptop after a couple of weeks off. A break was good. How are you all, Fediverse?

Although getting an HMRC UTR for being self-employed was probably the most significant arrival. 😬😬😬

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Moulin Rouge soundtrack, Playdate console, Ong-bak trilogy on DVD and a sherbert dip-dab. Not a bad day, all in.

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