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Looking for 1 or 2 small-scale, real-world projects to try out some ideas on efficient and green computing.

Migration to sustainable hosts, energy auditing, that kind of thing.

Replies welcome 🙂

'Economy of scale' sums up the challenge of re-purposing our global society.

New narratives will need to go to war with those three words, armed with small chaoses and the foolishness of inefficiency.

As we sail through the solstice, I'm taking a moment to mark 11 weeks running this laptop on solar power.

Enjoying being more aware of electricity usage, like a sort of mindful computing.

Interesting - didn't realise that when you post a link to the Fediverse, any servers that see that too make a request to the page.

I mean, it makes sense, but explains why I'm DDoSing my own (tiny) server. Caching has helped this time though.

Fascinating you can see all the instances that are receiving your toot from the logs too.

Weeknotes from last week, chatting about getting _out_ of routine, rather than into it.

(Sorry for re-posts, doing some server checks.)

What does asian futurism as a movement look like?

Is it already occupied by cyberpunk's Japanese influence?

Or is there scope (or existing work?) that draws more on eastern philosophy for future narratives?

Today's lesson is to check that your network checker is checking the right network.

(Thread:) This is the reality of the fully commercialized mainstream internet: an indigestible mass of shortest-form opinions, purposefully selected by algorithms to agitate us on platforms that are designed to record and memorialize our most agitated, reflexive responses.

@viznut Hello! I've just read your permacomputing article/manifesto and love it - sums up so much of what I'm thinking too. Have you taken it any further in the last year?

Any good hashtags/groups/follows for more diverse fiction? Like but not so eco-driven, more just excluded and oppressed voices?

Good morning fediverse, how are you? What are you looking forward to or nervous about this week?

Democracy vs human value...

Asa group, how do you go about being open, inclusive and collaborative, but also manage risk around partners being sneaky, manipulative, divisive, or credit-snatching?

Pretty sure I have most of those games but will probably grab them all again to donate. Just bought Anodyne for the second time yesterday already ;) bundle for palestinian aid. 1020 games, 5 dollars+ pay what you want, all profit goes to UNRWA, it's halfway towards its goal and running until next friday, june 11th.

Related, anyone know any fiction that deals with energy generation in winter, or non-extreme weather?

Bike dynamos for charging USB batteries, for someone only riding irregularly - inefficient and pointless, or feasible alternative?

I like the idea of cycling on rollers for an hour in the garden, but only if it's going to provide a decent bunch of charge.

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