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Catching up with Schrems II and SCCs today because that's just how I roll. Should make for non-standard dreams at least.

a week ago, showed our audiovisual work in the largest planetarium in the world

Carbonalyser in Firefox is saying has used twice as much energy as youtube for me, which seems pretty crazy. I check the interactive map every few days, but can it really be more intensive than video streaming?

a breeze this evening
we walk on the roof of hell
rising from my teacup

: "When I grow up and get a wife and a baby I'm going to call the baby Psyduck."

Coders who have switched to fully-remote working - how has it affected your team's ability to collaborate?

(I really miss whiteboards and pens.)

Hmmm I don't really have anything to say right now but unless I say that you don't know it.

a flock of sparrows
the old dog
fragile moon

@jk how to be creative
1. make a thing
2. save in folder
3. don't publish
4. done

Between the clover, the purple broccoli, and the red dead nettle, the garden is looking pretty damn purple right now.

New moon, the newsletter is quiet but you can catch up on alternative energy and magic here:

be sweet to yourself today, recognize & spread love

It's not DIY if there's no blood involved somewhere.

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