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NB. Had phone 5 years. Been running on solar power for so-nearly 2 years. One camera upgrade and one battery replacement. Does me fine.

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Oho! FP2 gets official Android 9 at last. Can't wait to see the effects on battery life for mine.

Really want to save the world, play games, watch the stars, and sleep, all at the same time.

On my gnusocial account I used to love posting via XMPP, and auto-forwarding onto Twitter. Is something similar doable from Mastodon?

Morning and all, nipping out for coffee. Anyone want anything?

Working out roughly how many games I have across Steam, Itch, Switch, Retro, and all the free things and wow I never need to buy games ever again...

Just finished my first game of Space Hulk: Death Angel card game, scoring a first win - not bad, considering I'm translating it from German as I go as well, and I've never touched German before...

And very interesting game. Like it. I can see myself playing it quite a bit.

Maybe I can get the expansion packs in Italian?

Question about education - 2 shots!

Not sure if my new census drinking game is going to rival Eurovision TBH.

Not sure if I'm tired in general, picked up a bit of fever, or reacting after my covid jab yesterday, but some intense dreams last night.

Lockdown Britain rumbles on. Keep Calm and Carry On = Put Up and Shut Up. I remember why I got into cypherpunk now. Options here?

Disrupt your own urge to act. Calm the senses. Appreciate the simple breath. Things will connect by themselves and love will be redefined by a shattering of differences. ☯

Well, we had one whole week off homeschooling, at least. 😞

has anyone out here also transitioned away from a tech career? what was your experience? what industry did you switch to? (feel free to RT)

Opportunistic altruism is disruptive and dangerous. Practise it as much as you can.

ripples with moonlight
in the snowy road

Thinking of selling physical prints of manipulated & post-processed in-game screenshots, but considering whether/how to give a % back to the game dev(s) as, you know, derived work n all. How do game developers feel about these things?

Coffee, cooling in cold, pale air.
Myself, aging in old, stale air.

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