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For me, solarpunk is about valuing our ability to nurture, sustain, and renew. Here's a piece on the 'punk' in getting to the heart of that -

Random bookmarks 

• Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Rock cover version by Violet Orlandi

• Plant hormones

• Complete map of Middle Earth (canon, but not made by Tolkein himself)

• Herman cakes

• Kvass – a traditional slavic drink made from fermented rye bread

• Fake leather made from kombucha cultures, which can be made into seamless clothing

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Happy Sunday!

The first proper Beamspun newsletter has arrived ☀ Picking out some of this week's art, news and stories around sustainable living, , renewable tech and future world making:

Starting up a sort-of solarpunk newsletter, covering the week's round-up of solar/green art, tech, stories, posts, magic and visions.
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Happy East-er day, world. Time to rise up and shine!

It felt like a good day to start a regular link roundup. Solar tech, politics, art and all else:

This toot is just like a test message, except more interesting.

Deciding to try getting away from twitter/gnusocial/mastodon for the month around the solstice. Calm things down, focus on clearing, take a breather.

Still around on email, rss, xmpp -

Have a good holiday otherwise, everyone. Carry on being amazing.

Thinking of getting off Mastodon and Twitter for the month encircling the winter solstice. Feels right from a "downtime" and hibernation view. And will save battery for the dark season. Needing to recharge all over.

Will sleep on it, but email, RSS and XMPP are plenty to be doing.
Hello, how do I get a "reply to all" on toots? Seem to have lost it.

Remember the "Perri-air" parody in Spaceballs? New Delhi is on the case...

Waking up realising how important alternative news feeds and narratives are. Morning all.

Recommend solarpunk and similar flavored fiction pls, pref novella or longer and i need audiobook form so if u have link or kno its available thats a bonus

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